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Saba Island, Dutch Caribbean
Single Family Home
Caribbean Netherlands
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Keeping the past in the present. Luxuriously restored and inspired by the preservation of the cultural environment, vintage architecture, and the historical development of Saba, Convent Cottage is an opulent Caribbean hideaway.

This two bedroom, two bath heritage home is styled to reflect eclectic and classic taste, and is presented fully furnished with an array of antiques. The decor is warm and welcoming and features a mixture of dark wood floors and posh textiles.

Whether relaxing or entertaining Convent Cottage is fully equipped with modern conveniences to ensure a delightful experience. Several choices of outdoor seating areas offer astounding views of Saba’s soaring mountains, including Mt. Scenery.

Convent Cottage is just a stroll away from shopping and restaurants in the Windwardside Village where you’ll be easily lulled into the simplistic and idyllic charm of the island community.

About The Area:

Twice awarded the Travel & Leisure award for Best Caribbean Island, Saba has a devoted following of travelers who love the island’s combination of natural and man-made beauty. This unique island is one of the rare places on Earth where you can reconnect with nature while still maintaining a connection to civilization.

Saba is unspoiled and not littered with inappropriate alterations to the natural order. The island is visually stunning and possesses the most extraordinary scenery that flows from every vantage point.

Saba’s natural beauty is enhanced by the island’s unique architecture. Most houses and cottages are inspired variations of Saban vernacular… white wash or stone exteriors, red zinc roofs, charming Caribbean gingerbread trim and colorful shutters. Many of the homes have been in local families for generations. Others are modern interpretations or eco designs. Lush gardens, large and small, fill every outdoor space. It is true paradise for nature lovers.

The old Saban stone “roads” are now hiking trails that offer the opportunity to explore Saba’s natural beauty and enjoy stunning views that flow endlessly to the earth’s edge. Saba is an amazing place to dive and is rated one of the world’s top diving spots.The breathtaking undersea beauty complements the beauty above sea level. Saba is also a wonderful spot for people who seek artistic beauty and inspiration. The island is home to artists, writers, designers and creative souls who enjoy every beautiful day on island and love retreating into nature.

Your investment here is well protected. Local respect for this remarkable environment is unsurpassed. The recently elected Executive Island Council is young and energized. Their mission is to add vitality to the island’s future while maintaining Saba’s best interest through thoughtful conservation, strict architectural codes, sustainable energy applications and a secure relationship with the Dutch Government.




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TW PROPERTIES is proud to be part of the Fletcher Bright Realty team in Chattanooga, TN.
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