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Saba Island, Dutch Caribbean
Caribbean Netherlands
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Mahogany Bay Club is a 12 ½ acre Saban canvas awaiting your vision. This virgin land would make an exceptional and very private setting for a signature sanctuary, whether a secluded personal villa or luxury boutique hotel resort. Once developed, this will be the largest private or resort property on island.

The property’s unparalleled natural setting is filled with wild bromeliads, tropical ferns, coconut palms and other glorious tropical vegetation set amongst an ancient mahogany tree forest. The views of the sea dotted with private yachts and the neighboring island and the inland views towards the mountains are breath taking, especially at sunset. It is a paradise within the paradise of Saba, one of the safest, most peaceful and low key islands in the Caribbean.

Mahogany Bay Club is a short drive into town and the harbor. Yet when you are on the property, it is wonderfully secluded. Huge flamboyant trees line the semi-private road leading up to the native stone walled entrance. The pre-cut drive beckons you into the property where premiere building sections are defined with massive stone walls. One of the historical “ladders” (Saba’s old foot paths) borders the land and takes you down to the sea.

All you need is a vision for Mahogany Bay Club’s magnificent land. Building and development here is easier than most exotic locations. Saba has a competent and accommodating local government that can effectively balance the local ecological and building requirements with sensitive development whether residential or commercial. Although property in Saba has increased in its popularity with both new and repeat visitors, the island is still quite undeveloped which is very appealing to individuals who wish to find respite from their busy lives.

About The Area:

Twice awarded the Travel & Leisure award for Best Caribbean Island, Saba has a devoted following of travelers who love the island’s combination of natural and man-made beauty. This unique island is one of the rare places on Earth where you can reconnect with nature while still maintaining a connection to civilization.

Saba is unspoiled and not littered with inappropriate alterations to the natural order. The island is visually stunning and possesses the most extraordinary scenery that flows from every vantage point.

Saba’s natural beauty is enhanced by the island’s unique architecture. Most houses and cottages are inspired variations of Saban vernacular… white wash or stone exteriors, red zinc roofs, charming Caribbean gingerbread trim and colorful shutters. Many of the homes have been in local families for generations. Others are modern interpretations or eco designs. Lush gardens, large and small, fill every outdoor space. It is true paradise for nature lovers.

The old Saban stone “roads” are now hiking trails that offer the opportunity to explore Saba’s natural beauty and enjoy stunning views that flow endlessly to the earth’s edge. Saba is an amazing place to dive and is rated one of the world’s top diving spots.The breathtaking undersea beauty complements the beauty above sea level. Saba is also a wonderful spot for people who seek artistic beauty and inspiration. The island is home to artists, writers, designers and creative souls who enjoy every beautiful day on island and love retreating into nature.

Your investment here is well protected. Local respect for this remarkable environment is unsurpassed. The recently elected Executive Island Council is young and energized. Their mission is to add vitality to the island’s future while maintaining Saba’s best interest through thoughtful conservation, strict architectural codes, sustainable energy applications and a secure relationship with the Dutch Government.




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TW PROPERTIES is proud to be part of the Fletcher Bright Realty team in Chattanooga, TN.
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